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We are a team with bases in Europe and the USA, composed of highly skilled individuals with decades of combined web experience. We offer solutions in web and graphic design, SEO, speed optimization and a wide spectrum of outsourcing and V.A services.

Our clients include web design and digital marketing agencies, as well as individuals worldwide. We specialize in delivering full project solutions under the “white label” flag. In short, our direct clients get the full credit for the work that we do– most of our indirect clients don’t even know that we exist.

We enjoy working with teams and individuals, and we embrace the use of Redbooth, Asana, Slack, and other web-based collaboration tools. We are available via Skype or our USA landline 12 hours per day – every day.

Individuals, enjoy full agency service at your disposalAgencies, receive a full service virtual team at your command.

Our goal is to help you to meet your goals and we do so with a dedicated staff, years of experience and knowledge that far surpasses many in our industry.

We speak English, Serbian and Greek, so don’t hesitate to contact us in any of those languages!

Direct & Indirect Clients Worldwide
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Nikola Fivera PetrovicAccount Manager

Skype id: Fivera_5ra

(210) 77-520-68

Darko Urošević
Darko UroševićGraphic Design Guru
Nikola Fivera Petrović
Nikola Fivera PetrovićCEO & Beer Destroyer
Karastojković Saša
Karastojković SašaData & SEO Executive Machine