Logo Design & Brand Identity Tips

A good logo is like a good face, you can easily remember it and hardly forget it.

Your logo is the initial step of your branding - if the logo stands out your brand will stand out as well. Click To Tweet

Logo Design Tips

make it yours

01. Understand and create your brand

Why are we here?
What do we do, and how do we do it?
What makes us different?
Who are we here for?
What do we value the most?
What’s our personality?

3. Color speaks loud

Choose the right colors for your brand.

Red: energetic, sexy, bold

Orange: creative, friendly, youthful

Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimism

Green: growth, organic, instructional

Blue: professional, medical, tranquil, trustworthy




02. Learn from your competition

Always do a competitor research, understand the niche before you even start thinking about your own logo. Learn from their mistakes and soak up the good stuff.

4. Find a pro to convert your idea into Logo

Sure you can try and do it yourself but don’t do it! Find a professional designer to convert all of your ideas into a recognizable logo for your business!

Pro TIP: webenseo.com can design your logo within days!

Professional Logo Design starting from $200

Our team of professional designers will make sure your logo is recognizable and automatically associated with your brand no matter where it stands. What makes the difference here is that we do not use someone else stock icons, fonts or ideas. We hand draw each and every logo to make it unique and relative to your business.

Here is an example of our professional logo design

One of our clients is a large distributor of paper rolls in China, here is the logo that we have created for him:

panda new logo

Notice how the “panda” letters are actually paper rolls, it is the small details that can make your logo stand out. Unlike many others here at “webenseo” we make sure that your logo has those details!


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