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  • Brand management & strategy development.

The success of a Search engine optimization campaign comes down to only one thing – RESULTS.

We have had a pleasure of being associated with Panda guys for over a year now. are Chinese thermal paper manufacturers who had approached us with a few requests at the very start. They needed a website re-design, a complete re-branding solution and a steady long term SEO campaign. One year later we are happy to publish our results and brag about them along the way.

If there were rules on the internet than the first rule would definitely be “stand out of the crowd“.  Each Business should be unique in its own way, tell its own story and set up own standards and rules, the internet is a perfect place for that.
Even if the products and services that you offer are not unique your brand has to be. This is how we helped  the guys from Fuzhi Paper Co ltd Succeed, Read on.


Clients old website wasn’t bad looking but it wasn’t built with SEO in mind so we have decided to rebuild it from the ground up and give it a more professional yet modern and clean look. We made sure this time that the website is “SEO ready” and that we won’t encounter any coding problems later on when we start the SEO campaign.

[rev_slider alias=”beforeafterslider1″ /]

Click on the left corner of the image to see the new website or drag the slider.


The old logo wasn’t bad looking either, but our graphic design genius Darko Urosevic has done a great job giving it a completely new and fresh look. Darko created a custom font that resembles the paper rolls as per clients request and has redesigned the logo in flat style that was (and still is) a popular trend in modern graphic design.


panda old logo


panda new logo

We have done a great job creating Social network graphics as well as few visual representations of information, so called infographics. The complete branding was all good to go and since than their brand awareness has jumped sky high.


When it comes to the SEO part our client already had some experience with it. They have worked with various “experts” from India and the Philippines. Unfortunately, as it turned out the guys that they worked with didn’t have the knowledge or the resources to achieve anything notable. Now lets make one thing clear, there are some really good SEOs in the third world countries, but they are hard to find and as rare as a nun in a bikini. To make the long story short, as it turned out we had to undo most of the stuff that they were doing but we will talk about that a bit later. On the positive side our client already had analytics and the webmaster tools (the search console) set up.


The first step was to move our client’s website to our managed WordPress hosting based on apache + litespeed. Than we installed the SSL and tweaked the website to achieve the best possible speed and loading times.

First, we made sure the Google page speed insights is improved



page speed insights before optimization screenshot
Before 62/100


page speed insights after optimization screenshot
After 98/100

When it comes to the rank we managed to score an amazing 98/100! It could go to as many as a hundred if it wasn’t for that annoying Facebook script involved (yes, we know how to cache google analytics now) but as some may say “page speed insight is not so important, it’s the loading time that matters” well, we have to prove you wrong. Getting to 100/100 might not be important, but optimizing your images and caching and minimizing the scripts IS VERY important! Most of the things that Google measures using their tool directly impacts the actual loading time. So yes, it is important! (If you want to prove us wrong feel free to leave a comment below). Let’s move on.



pingdom before optimization screenshot


pingdom after optimization screenshot

The combination of Woo-commerce on WordPress, Slider Revolution, contact forms and various extra plugins hosted on the shared Bluehost plan was more than disappointing. The actual load time of the website was an incredible 16 seconds!

After moving it to our Managed WordPress hosting & SSL and the hard work done by our speed optimization expert – Nikola Fivera Petrovic (that’s me bragging about myself in third person here) we have managed to reduce the loading time to under 2 seconds. We are using a lot of tools to test and measure the load speed and pingdom is just one of them amongst GTmetrix and a few more. What we do when it comes to speed optimization is quite simple, we combine and minify the scripts and then we use custom made functions and scripts to extract the above the fold css and then we cache all of that using a variety of plugins depending on the website and hosting itself. The results as you can see here, were simply amazing. Feel free to check the current pingdom results for panda website by visiting this link.


The very first thing that we do whenever we acquire a new client is a complete website analysis. We need the information on the current number of backlinks, the domain authority, the SERP and the structure. Once we get enough information we can start planning and create a long term strategy. There are many tools that we use in order to accomplish that.


The clients website was a decent website with a small number of backlinks and average page and domain rank.

Ahrefs report before

ahrefs old rating screnshot

Ahrefs report after

ahrefs results after

Webenseo team managed to build a decent amount of backlinks for the client increasing the domain authority and ranks. Our strategy includes press release, guest blogging and article submission, .EDU and .GOV backlink creation and high DA web 2.0 with strong social signals sent to those 2nd and sometimes even 1st tier links.

Now lets address a problem that we had here, as i mentioned before the panda guys have been working with some fishy SEO companies that were using a strategy that we simply don’t approve. Just a small example would be links through comments. comment backlinks are usually made by software and they can  do more harm than good. What we have encountered on the clients website was this:

That right there is a big NO-NO in our book. We took action and now those links are gone. Now the reason that the “first seen” was on the 2nd of March is simple, ahrefs and many other tools do not see the links straight away, for the links to show up it can take months, the same way it takes months for them to disapear. Now the real issue was not only so many links coming from a low quality website, but also the anchor text that it was coming with those links. The anchor was a name of the comment fake author!!

We had to use disavow in the google search console to let the big G know that those links are not what we want and that we don’t like them at all! The problem was solved, but they still remain in the ahrefs report unfortunately, as time goes by they will disappear completely and as we checked the website in question the owners finally took care of those spam comments and their website is spam clean once again. One more win for the white hat ethical SEO experts << that being us of course.

After that problem was taken care of everything else went really smooth. The Progressive backlink campaign was kicking in and with it the organic positions started jumping and the traffic started to improve.


One of the most important tools is definitely the Google analytics. There are a few more out there worth trying like Piwik, but here at webenseo we focus only on the Google tool as we have the means to interconnect all of their tools and services, creating a very powerful all-in-one platform for our SEO campaigns. Panda paper roll already had the analytics on their website when we took over. We took the last month and compared it with the month before we started the hard work, here is the comparison image:

Yearly analytics results comparison
Increase of Sessions
Increase of Users
Increase of Pageviews
Increase of Mobile Users

From the stats above you can see that we have done a good job in increasing our client’s traffic and simply put more traffic always equals more sales! Our client targets international audience and unlike local searches it is always harder to rank globally as there are a lot of competitors that are aiming for the same thing. In the local area you are competing with the companies and businesses that are close to your area only while in the international game you are competing against the whole world. Now lets move on to the rankings and positions.


Tracking the SERP positions in the Google or Bing can be done in many ways and using many different tools, our favorite one is SEO profiler. It’s not only a tracking tool, but a whole platform for managing the Search Engine Campaigns. It allows us to create superb understandable and interactive reports for our clients and keep track of every single position change in the rankings. That way we can monitor the impact of our ON-PAGE SEO and revert back if it’s not going the way we want it to. Here are just some of the Search Engine results that we have achieved so far for our client.

The image above represents just a portion of the positive signals that we have received regarding the main keywords. During the analysis and client Skype sessions we continuously discover new opportunities and keywords. For panda we are monitoring 68 main keywords that we think are the most important ones.

Below is the report for the monitored keywords on the google and google mobile:

As you can see from 68 keywords we are ranking on page one for 32 of those. The number of  total rankings is 80+ as we are ranking multiply times for some of the same keywords here is an example below:

Ranking details for ’57 x 40mm thermal roll’

Three pages are ranked for the keyword “57 x 40mm thermal roll” and the last one is a google image result. So that is 4 rankings for one keyword. Usually we try to target the page with one keyword, one keyword-one page system as we don’t want to compete against ourselves, but panda had so much content from the start that it’s nothing but normal to have this situation.

We of course mainly focus on the Google search engine optimization, but that doesn’t mean that simultaneously we don’t rank in other search engines as well:

So to summarize here are the total number rankings for those 68 keywords in all the search engines so far:

Of course these do not represent the total number of keywords that the website has in the SERP.

By using Semrush, ahrefs, moz, spyfu and majestic we gather all kinds of data needed for the analytics. The results are slightly different between those services but each one of them has a strong and weak side in what they offer. We enjoy using all of them.

Here are the results and the clients total number of keywords according to some of the services mentioned above:

If you look at the bottom part of the image you will see the red arrow pointing to the period when we started the work on panda. We have managed to increase the total number of ranking keywords from 630 to over 900 in just one year. We are happy with those results and we know that Mr. Frank Ouyang, our contact from the panda marketing team is happy as well.

SEO is not something to be taken lightly, there are many “seo experts” out there that are good at talking the talk but not so efficient when it comes down to actually walking the walk. Here at Webenseo we believe that SEO campaign should bring money to our clients and have a decent steady and growing ROI. When it comes to that part we are happy to say that our client is getting constant leads on a daily basis and that our cooperation is based on mutual benefit. That is one of the reasons why we are continuing our collaboration and we would advise everyone to follow a very simple rule – Invest in SEO and keep it going only if its bringing you money, of course the results with SEO are almost never instant so it is very important to create a long term strategy and  follow through.

Making the Sales

As aforementioned above it is very important to get a good return on your investment and make money. We have implemented top notch call to action all across the panda website and as a result our client is getting standard conversions on a daily basis.

Getting 2-3 leads per day is awesome no matter which services you provide or what products you are selling. Our mission with the panda website is completed, but far from over. We will continue to improve their rankings, positions, backlinks and most importantly, their sales!

To conclude, let’s summarize everything that we have done for the client in a few sentences.

  1. We have created and implemented long term strategy to increase their brand awareness.
  2. We have redesigned their old website and made it into top notch modern web presentation with a clear purpose.
  3. we have worked hard on creating the authority in the eyes of the Google for the website.
  4. we have created a sophisticated yet simple system for generating leads and sales.

The sole purpose of this article was to use an existing and live website example to present some of our services. Hopefully, after reading this you will have a clearer idea of what webenseo team can do for your business. This article was written in a friendly tone and using informal language (English is my third language). For the client’s copywriting needs, we have a fluent native English speaker that makes sure that everything is well written and formatted, i wanna give a shout-out to Vanessa Goodpaster one of our finest copywriters. Now, is there anything that we can do for your business?