Visitors judge your business based on what they see online and you have just a few seconds to leave that great first impression. Great Web design is all about converting visitors into clients. Having a well designed website that inspires visitors to take action is the secret sauce behind many great companies. Smart design and well placed elements on the website can give you that extra edge over your competitors.

Your website is a reflection of your business, have it built like you mean business. Have it represent you online like you would represent your business in person. Have it sell and pitch for you 24 hours a day!

  • Your website should communicate and compel the visitors to take actions, actions that YOU want them to take. After a concise Before the start of the project client interview we will know exactly which actions should we focus on and build a website around them. We will develop focus points and converting call to action areas. As a result, your website will boost your marketing results.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

WordPress Web Design

We are happy & proud to be recognized and praised by many of our colleagues and web design agencies worldwide as a trustworthy partner and reliable resource. We specialize in website design on WordPress platform exclusively. At Web & SEO you’ll find experts who will hear you out and actually listen to what you have to tell us about your business, your goals and your ideas before we even send you a quote. From there we will hold an internal team meeting to discuss the best possible solutions for implementation of all of those ideas into your website. Every website we build is unique, custom tailored to your needs, coded by our own team of developers and crafted with SEO in mind from the very start using only the latest and most reliable internet technologies available, and all of that with probably the best prices available in the USA.

Website Redesign

Hand us over your old website and we will crash it, decode it, brake it into pieces and only than we will turn it into modern, money making, online business machine that you will be proud of – your website is a reflection of your business, let’s build it together like we mean business!

Some of the websites that we have worked on

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Each of our websites is powered by this powerful content management system (cms) CMS makes it easy for the end user ( owner) to easily manage the website using the browser. We include free sessions over Skype and basic training of how to use the system to ad your own content such as photos, blog posts, promotions, products or pages.
We custom design and code each and every website to match your brand and style of your business. No two businesses are identical so we believe that no two websites should be the same either.
Your new website will look awesome in any screen resolution and on all devices. Desktop or mobile phone it doesn’t make any difference. We design each element to align itself perfectly on every screen.
Your website will be created using only the latest fully tested technologies and tools. Your visitors will love it for loading fast, your marketing team will love it for being clean coded and SEO friendly, Google will love it for following their technical guidelines and rules.
We can guarantee the security and functionality of your website in the long run for as long as we are hosting it and monitoring it. We offer a service where we regularly maintain your website by updating the software/plugins/tools on weekly basis. Technology is evolving every day, we make sure we follow that pace and stay in the loop with every single upgrade and update or vulnerability and exploit on the other hand.

What Does The Web Design Process Look Like?


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